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One, two, three strikes, y'er out...

Hello to everyone from my last day in the office. I was working outside again last week, but the rain has driven me inside to finish a few computer-related projects. Nothing to worry about, I'll be greenifying the world again soon and now our crew will be (mostly) full with the imminent arrivals of Sam Martin and JROD. Neato.

On a different note, we're off to see another Blue Jays game tonight... number 2 of the year for Dan and I. That's a good start, I think. If anyone has Roger's Sportsnet, look for us somewhere behind 1st base. Or... don't.

Oh, and the countdown until Laura's return is now comfortably into the teens of weeks... 15 weeks at last count. It's going to be an exciting August!


The Outsides

Well, sod starts up again tomorrow. So, instead of being in front of a computer, I'll likely be in Mississauga or some such place. Sorry to my daily MSN buddies, you know who you are, but I won't be around so much anymore. I'll be most easily reached by carrier pigeon. If you do not own a carrier pigeon, the telephone may be an acceptable alternative.


And she said I wouldn't do it...

Just to prove Laura wrong, I will indeed make a post today, hopefully the first of many more. As this is my first blog post since I got back from Japan, I just want to say thank you to all of you who sent us nice and fun messages while I was there. I'm off to a stag 'n' doe for Sam and Samantha in a few short minutes, so I won't write too much today.

Oh, baseball season is in full swing, which means two things... baseball and baseball. Anyone who wants to go to a Blue Jays game, email Dan or myself, as we've typically got one or two trips planned at any given time. Also, anyone who wants to play a little baseball on a weekend or after work or whatever, that would be cool. Let's see if we can get something like that organized.