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I know I should finish the post I started...

But I just listened to this song, and I love this quote...

The Dears - The Second Part

All of the time
I though I was crazy 'cause you told me so.


How good is bad?

What should we look for in music? Perhaps more to the point, what should we avoid in music? If we accept that music is an artform, in it's ideal form it has meaning as well as entertainment value. Both the music itself (the sound, rhythm, beat, harmony, etc.) and the lyrics can be full of emotion, shared expression and, ultimately, hope or happiness. I say hope or happiness not in the way that one might first expect. Let me explain...

I almost never listen to explicitly Christian rock. The majority of it is simply not good music, but that is certainly no different from secular music. The difference, I believe, is that the message of most Christian rock is always the same, always completely blunt and obvious and so rarely contains what I consider beauty. Simply because someone uses the words "Jesus," "Lord," "Hallelujiah," or "Praise" in a song does not mean that I must be moved in my soul. Such as thing is, I believe, a misuse of the sacred name of God. The Lord's name matters... really matters. It is not something to be used as a chant in a song to get me "up."

On the other side, I often feel or have felt pain, heartbreak, loss, anger, sadness, rage and a host of other "negative" emotions. Where is the "Christian" music that explores this aspect of life? Not everything is sunshine and roses, but so often music tries to be auto-inspirational. It's not for me. If I am in pain, I will explore pain through music that I love. I will never run from my negative emotions, but embrace them, learn from them and ultimately move past them. How desperately I need music that does the same.

(continued tomorrow)


Weekly Lyric Update!

Ani diFranco - Old Old Song

it's the story of a father and a mother
who battle each other over nothin'
with a couple of kids trying to figure
which way the plot's spinning
who's winning and who is bluffing

it's a story as common as a penny, son
it ain't really worth anything to anyone


Perception < Reality

A couple months ago, MuchMusic held their annual video awards. Now, those of you who have read this blog in the past know that k-os is one of my favourite artists, and I respect him a great deal. He won, all told, 4 awards that evening. Each time, he walked to the outdoor stage on Queen St. in Toronto to take his award, taking with him his producer, video director, etc... whomever applied to that particular award. Also, for each award he refused to say a single word into the microphone, despite repeated attempts by the hosts, always deferring to the others on stage.

Over the next few days, he was ripped by quite a number of radio and newspaper folks, claiming that he was becoming arrogant and deluded and that the people wanted to hear what he had to say, so he should just say it. After all, he has for years been a masterful advocate of revolution in the music industry and his voice is worth listening to. Has he really become just another form of celebrity prick?

Well, I'll paraphrase what he said about the matter a week or so later. Simply because he's moderately famous and someone sticks a mic into his face does not mean that he must say something. There is no rule that, because he is a musician, he must speak in public. Aside from that, the only thing he would have to say in accepting an award is to thank God for giving him talent and for placing him in this position. However, thanking God after winning an award, scoring a touchdown or any other public display has become just another part of modern celebrity culture. People try to make God just another tool to further their own hype.

Quite right, I say. Better to say nothing at all than to claim God as your secret weapon in the struggle for critical and financial success.


Marvel Comics, here I come!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Keep in mind that "being Superman" is not one superpower, but many rolled into one hunky body..

I would totally choose being able to breath underwater. It's subtle and not-so-super, I know... but you could totally check out awesome stuff! Like... fish! And..... wrecked ships! Yeah, that would be great.


Guilty pleasure!

Okay, I have a guilty pleasure to admit to...

I am a Michael Bolton fan.

Wait, that can't be right... lemme try again.

I am a Kelly Clarkson fan.

Ouch. I'll weep for myself later. Seriously though, I've heard a couple of her songs over the last while and the girl can sing... really sing. I mean, sure, winning American Idol does not exactly lend credibility to a resume, but she has a better voice than almost anyone on the radio these days. Also, if the video I saw today is any indication, she hasn't (yet) turned herself into a tramp to sell records.

Now, I know her songs are a little over-dramatic, given the shallow subject matter. But apparently she can boast that she at least co-wrote most of her songs. It's better than nothing... right? Right.

Anyone else with guilty pleasures out there? Feel free to share. I promise to laugh only behind your back.

Ohh.. in addition, the greatest quote of all time: "I am a Michael Bolton fan."



You may notice that I have a new title to my blog. Silly, I know... please feel free to criticize, but please hear me out as well. Having given up on the blog, I've decided to pick it up again in earnest, hopefully this time with more focus.

I'll once again pick up on the "Form vs. Style" series that I had begun, which is mostly an examination of media and music literacy, trying to seperate the meaningful from the mainstream. If anyone has ideas beyond typical, contemporary music, let me know. Any ideas at all are welcome.

Not everything, though, is so serious and... well, negative, I suppose. At least once a week, I'll be posting a small sampling of my favourite lyrics from songs of all genres. Sometimes it'll be just a line, other times perhaps a whole song. I encourage any readers out there to send me their own favourites via comments or email. I'll put them out there as well, eventually devoting a seperate site to hot, hot lyrics. Also, I'll admit... I like getting comments. I think it's great. Leave them, if you can think of anything to say. On that note, let's get into it!

John Frusciante - Song to Sing When I'm Lonely
A song to play when I'm lonely
Win and never play a game again
No one to face when I'm falling
Holding tight to dreams that never end

Lauryn Hill - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.
You'd be like heaven to touch.
I wanna hold you so much.
At long last love has arrived.
And I thank God I'm alive.
You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off of you.