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Been a while...

"I have been considering the lotus blossom. A man could spend his entire life searching for the perfect blossom, and it would not be a wasted life."

I suppose the things that have been on my mind recently aren't particularly blog worthy, either because they're too personal, too minor, or too major. Wow... that's pretty cryptic. Sorry.

On a side note, if anyone has either album that Frente has released in the past, "Marvin the Album" and "Shape", would you be willing to share? It's proving hard to acquire, both in stores and over the perfectly-legal-not-technically-engaging-in-criminal-activity land of the interwoo.


Victory is mine!

I pulled a book off my shelf last night to read before I went to sleep. Written prominently on the inside cover:

This book is the sole and private posession of Brian R. vanOosten.



Three cheers for Joelio who ably reformatted by computer in record time, ridding me of all my virii, and thereby also my need for a shotgun. She's runnin' smooth now.

Lucky thing, too, as I've spent the better part of the last two days either passed out on the couch or slumped half-concious in front of my freshly formatted computer. Three cheers for flu pills! I'm getting plenty of reading done, though, and that's always a good thing. Okay, back to my couch now.



Strong Sad: "Did you download a virus?"

Strong Bad: "No..."

Strong Sad: "Did you download 400,000 virusses?"

Strong Bad: "Yes. Very yes!"

Well, I had 8 virusses on my computer. Now I'm down to 1. Most things are working again, but my computer seems to be experiencing a general malaise that makes it rather annoying to use. And, for some reason, hotmail refuses to work, and IE automatically closes any time I attempt to load the page. Time to pull out the shotgun, I think.



Well, I already called Jim Payton "the man", so I need to come up with some other designation for Dr. Loney. Any suggestions? My first impression is that he's the equal of Payton, but different. Loney is funnier, but not quite as staggeringly interesting. Also, it appears that my total book costs for this semester will only run about $100.

Seriously, though. What should I call Loney?



Three history courses in one day. How cool is that? Canadian history, Byzantine history (go Payton, woohoo!) and Historiography... pretty slick. For those of you who haven't realized this already, Jim Payton is the man.

It felt soooo good to shoot a basketball again today. You can only get so much exercise out of playing ball on Playstation. Good times. Now, I'm gonna get back to reading about corrupt Byzantine emperors and their whorish wives.



Imagine my surprise when I came home from an 8 hour trip back from Ottawa in freezing rain to find that most of my possessions had been removed from my bedroom and replaced by my aunt. Good thing she's a cool lady, or I would've been even more displeased than I was. I miss my bed. I miss my chair. I miss my clothes on the floor.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to school tomorrow. Breaks are nice and all, but I've done nothing of value for over 2 weeks. I feel the need for a change.